Kappa Kappa Gamma File Transfer Page
This webpage is for sending larger-than-normal file(s) rather than using email.  Most email accounts prevent sending large attachments and or receive them.  This method is a little more secure than email as well.  If you include an e-mail address, it will send the link to your new file uploads.  Be advised the files will be automatically deleted after 14 days.

** 300MB is "the maximum" size you'll be allowed to upload on this page. If you need to upload something larger than this, you'll need to visit our private upload area. Please call or email anyone at HQ for username & password.

File to Upload
Click "Browse" to select a file to upload.  Spaces will be replaced by underscores.
Email Info
  Use comma to separate multiple e-mail addresses. (e.g.: friend@kkg.org,employee@kkg.org)
E-mail Address to Send File Link:    *
E-mail Subject:  
Description to put in the e-mail. (Optional)

Path to file will automatically be appended to the e-mail at the bottom as a link.


For large files go here

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